November 2008 project status

10.11.2008, by czak

Since I still see some visitors in the stats, a quick update: the project is inactive. If you are interested in taking over, please contact me.

December 2007 project status

6.12.2007, by czak

To anyone interested in the project: we have a new member, Stefan van der Baan. Perhaps the project will move a bit after all... I've updated the svn path below, so it's correct now.

I also created a .tar.gz of the project and it's ready for download.

And then there were three

16.09.2006, by czak

Please give a warm welcome to Kendall Bailey (Sourceforge id: krbjljb), our third developer on the team!

First working code in Subversion repository

30.08.2006, by czak

The first version of the code is already in the Subversion repository. You can download it using:

svn co

The current version only does file listing. Also please note it has not been tested a lot and I can't guarantee anything. Please download the code, compile and let me know if it works for you. It should compile no problem and operation is pretty self-explanatory. I will upload a tar.gz archive soon.

New member of the development team

1.06.2006, by czak

I'm very pleased to announce that a new developer has joined the cw-driver project! Young-Gun, Kim, Scari, has been working on a similar project, Ish in 2004. Hopefully we can join forces and succeed together!

Project webpage now online

19.05.2006, by czak

I've finally sat down and prepared this page to let the world know about the project. Watch out for updates as they are coming!


Welcome to the CW-Driver project homepage. This project aims to develop alternative, open-source methods of accessing and controlling the Cowon iAudio CWx00 portable audio players. So far, their owners had to use JetShell, the supplied Windows-only application, to transfer their music. CW-Driver will allow Linux, FreeBSD (and other *nix) users to upload and download music files to/from their devices and perform all the other tasks you might require.

The project's development will be split into two branches. First part will be development of a simple, command-line application for the end users - cwshell - a program that will allow all the required operations via command-line parameters. Though very simple, this solution will allow anyone with a knowledge of Python or Perl (or another scripting language), to develop helper applications - automated scripts, simple (or not-so-simple) GUIs etc.
The focus of the second part will be creation of libcowon, a support library for developers. This will allow integrating the CW-Driver functionality into any other software, with little effort from its developer. All the Cowon-specific operations will be handled by the library, presenting a simple, high-level interface to programmers. Imagine uploading music to the iAudio directly from your favourite media player, or browsing its contents from within Konqueror or Nautilus. All of this may soon happen.

Devices supported are the iAudio CW300 and iAudio CW200/CW250. These two (okay, three) are supposed to function almost identical, and therefore the software should work the same on both. If you own a CW200 or a CW250 and have some free time, check out the How to help section. The CW series includes also the CW100 and CW100s. However, I have very little knowledge of them. I hope they share some internals with the CW200/CW300 and that the will work with CW-Driver. Contact us if you own one of these and would like to help!

CW-Driver is heavily inspired by the iFP-Driver project. Its authors achieved the goal for iRiver portable players. Check out their page to see what you can soon expect from CW-Driver.

The project is currently in pre-alpha stage. No files have been released yet. Make sure you add the page to your bookmarks and come back soon to see the development. If you, for any reason, find the project interesting and would like to help, encourage or just plain talk, don't hesitate to contact.

All software in the CW-Driver project will be free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License. You can read the full text of the license at


cwshell will be a user-space aplication utilizing the libusb library for USB access. Our main focus for now is functionality, so it will be a simple text-mode application controlled by command-line parameters. We will strongly encourage and help anyone willing to create a user interface utilizing it.

libcowon will be a C library encapsulating all the iAudio-specific functionality behind a comprehensible interface. We hope to see many spin-off projects utilizing it. Existing applications can benefit from it by extending their support to a new range of devices. New programs may be advanced, graphical interfaces to the Cowon devices, with automated audio compression, offering functionality and simplicity beyond JetShell.


You may be asking...

Why are you doing this?

Because we can, obviously :) Also, the Cowon players are really good piece of hardware. They offer very good sound and awesome battery life. For me they only lack two features - USB Mass Storage compliance and OGG playback. Yeah, we know there are new models around. But these old ones aren't going to disintegrate! And the build quality of these ensures they will be running for some more time. So we believe there are some people who could use it.

When are we getting something usable?

Soon enough, my friends. For now the biggest problems is in understanding the USB transfers JetShell and the player use. We have already spent hours with SnoopyPro and more are coming. If you are in a hurry, consider supporting the project.

How to help?

Would you like to get involved? Great! We're always looking for any help we can get. Right now we have a shortage of developers. Some experience with USB is welcome, but not necessary. After all, we are all in this to learn. Specifications are freely available and lots of good source code has already been written by others. Why not benefit from that?! You should have one of the target players though, so that you can test the code yourself.

As the development progresses, we will need help from testers, documentation writers, packagers, etc.

If you think you can and want to help in any way, please do. Contact if you want to create a logo, translate the page or any part of the project to your language, donate your Cowon player to the project ;), buy us some coffee or do just anything else.


Check out the Project Download Area for the first file download. Make sure you read the README file!

You can also check out the current version of the code using:

svn co


Some documentation helpful if you would like to get involved:

A simple, documented USB transfer log of a JetShell session


Check out these pages:

iRiver iFP open-source driver
Diamond Rio500 *nix support
libusb project
SnoopyPro - a simple yet powerful USB sniffer


You can send a message from Czak's user page or just send an email to

The forums are also a good place to post any questions or information.

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